What should I expect when booking a machine?

Payment will be needed up front for the hire of the machine including a deposit. If you do not have your own hired in plant insurance then we will gladly add you onto our policy at an additional premium. If you are a new customer you will need to provide two forms of ID, Proof of Address, driving Licence which will be required on delivery.

When do I pay for the (Service) machinery?

All payment (including VAT and Delivery) must be met in full prior to any delivery. Payment is always upfront unless you spend more than £5,000 per month with us.

What are the costs for delivery and collection?

Collection and delivery will vary depending on distance. We have a small charge on all Delivery and Collections within the Andover area. However if you require Machinery to outer areas please contact our friendly team who will be very happy to help you.

What if I haven’t used a machine before?

We suggest hiring the excavator along with one of our experienced operators, for an additional cost (subject to availability). We have a duty of care to ensure that all machinery is used safely and would not recommend using one with no experience. Plus any damage must be covered by the hirer.

PLEASE see our HIRE AGREEMENT & OPERATORS HEALTH & SAFETY documents for full Details

Are there any extra charges for buckets?

NO EXTRA COSTS FOR BUCKETS. Let us know what size you want when booking as we have an extensive range of Micro and Mini Digger Buckets of all grades and sizes from 6” (150mm) to 50” (1270mm). Our drivers have plenty on their trucks and can add or deduct items on the paperwork during delivery.

Is there any fuel in the machine when delivered?

ALL MACHINES ARE FULLY FUELLED WHEN DELIVERED. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that all machinery is refuelled prior to collection.

We can supply a FUEL BOX with 10 or 20 litres of fuel (Red Diesel) when hiring our machines making it easy for you to refuel prior to our collection. This is cheaper then paying at a petrol station.

On receipt, the hire company will directly charge £1.20 (one pound and twenty pence) per litre to refuel any machine that has not been refuelled by the hirer once Collected.

What happens if I damage a machine?

The Hirer is fully responsible for the safety of all machinery once signed for and in their possession. You must have adequate insurance cover to hire any of our machinery (plant).

We can provide insurance cover for your hire period. This will apply to all tracked and wheeled machinery, Excavators, Skip Loaders and Earth Movers only.

Whilst on hire, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES must a machine be removed from the delivered site without prior consent (agreement) of the hire company.


Who is responsible (insured) during hire?

Any Damage must be reported immediately, Normal wear and tear on any machine hired out is down to the hire company, If you have your own Hired In Plant Insurance, any damage caused by negligence, misuse, DRIVER ERROR, vandalism or stolen, then the hirer will bear full costs of its repair / replacement including all / any labour and recovery costs. If you have taken out our Insurance the hirer will be liable for the first £500 (five hundred) pounds excess.

You must have adequate insurance cover to hire any of our machinery (plant) We can provide insurance cover for your hire period.

PLEASE see our HIRE AGREEMENT & OPERATORS HEALTH & SAFETY documents for full Details

Are your machines reliable?

All our machinery is inspected, topped and filled up, cleaned and documented prior to going on hire. All our rolling stock carry extensive Thatcham accredited tamper proof tracker systems enabling permanent live data coupled with historic data of where it has been and reports on hours worked. If in the unlikely event that you experience any issues with our machinery whilst in use, do not attempt to repair it, please call the office and relevant steps will be put into place to have you up and running with minimum downtime. Test Valley Skips will not be held responsible for the loss of time (working hours) in the event of a breakdown. Due to our health and safety policy, any long term machinery on hiring my need to be exchanged like for like for servicing and or inspections, we would inform you of our intentions, arrange an agreed replacement with a minimal downtime in mind.

What do I when I have finished?

All our machinery is hired out in a clean and presentable manner. Although we appreciate that it is not brand new, we do expect our equipment to be treated with due care and attention and ask that it is returned to us in a similar state you received it.

If, on receipt of the equipment we deem that no effort has been made or there is an excess waste on the machinery we will apply a cleaning charge of £25.00 excluding vat to cover the labour required to return any hired equipment (Plant) back to a fit state ready for hire.

What happens during collection?

Please call the office for all machinery (Equipment) to be collected. All machinery will be physically inspected, in the event that damage has been caused through negligence, user error including any form of vandalism, any parts or attachments missing whilst in the hirer’s possession then the hirer will be fully liable for all costs for its repair and or replacement including labour charges. If you have taken out our insurance cover you will be liable for any damage up to the excess cost of £500 (five Hundred) Pounds.
All collected Machinery must be signed for prior to leaving site.